Daughter Incest

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Download Bullseye Breach: Anatomy Of An Electronic Break-in

Bullseye Breach: Anatomy Of An Electronic Break-in

Information Technologies | 0 | Yesterday, 15:54

Author: Greg Scott  |  Isbn: 1592988776  |  File size: 3.3 Mb  |  Year: 2015  |  Pages: 240  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Security Greg Scott is a veteran of the tumultuous IT industry, and the founder of Infrasupport Corporation, with a laser focus on infrastructure and security. In the 1990s, he was a popular columnist for magazines ENT and Enterprise Linux. He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his...

Download Rock Her Hard by Alyson Hale (.ePUB)

Rock Her Hard by Alyson Hale (.ePUB)

Romance | 2 | Yesterday, 13:31

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 200 KB Overview: I'm a lone wolf, a lost cause. Pushing people away has become an art form for me. I was doing well at shutting down my heart until I met her. Now I'll risk everything I've built just to have her by my side. I didn't come to Georgia looking for love... When my band manager asked us to travel to the US on a personal errand, I never imagined I'd get caught up in a scheme to reunite a father with his estranged daughter. Our deal was I'd seduce her into coming on...

Download 2 Books by Amber Heart (.ePUB)

2 Books by Amber Heart (.ePUB)

Romance | 9 | 17-03-2018, 20:56

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 312 KB, 582 KB Overview: Do you want a down-to-earth look at what a girl gets up to on one of the best party islands in the world? Amber Heart gave up everything and moved to Ibiza where she parties all night and writes all day. Can rich bad boys really change, or am I just kidding myself? Opal Wright: After being wrongly fired from my job, I ended up working the bar at the local strip club. Lucky me, right? He introduced himself on my first shift. Tall, ripped, too handsome...

Download Manga Mania Magical Girls & Friends

Manga Mania Magical Girls & Friends

Design & Photo | 24 | 7-03-2018, 19:45

Author: Christopher Hart  |  Isbn: 9780823029686  |  File size: 111 Mb  |  Year: 2006  |  Pages: 144  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Drawing This book, like the title is magical. Like all of Christopher Hart's books, the instruction is excellent, but I will say that this time Christopher Hart has surpassed himself. The sections on drawing the eyes, the drawing of the body step by step, the various angles, the...

Download Chase by Kelly Silas (.ePUB)

Chase by Kelly Silas (.ePUB)

Romance | 35 | 24-02-2018, 11:59

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.9 MB Overview: Jane Cocky. Playboy. Jerk. Chase Reynolds is the quintessential campus jock and exactly the type of guy I hate. Sure, he’s got that sexy bad boy thing going on that’s got all the girls going mad—tattoos all over his perfect, chiseled body and a dirty stare that makes you tingle where you shouldn’t. But he’s not coming anywhere near me. So why can’t I stop thinking about him? Chase Parties, girls, wild nights on campus… college...

Download Main Dish by J.A. Armstrong (.ePUB)

Main Dish by J.A. Armstrong (.ePUB)

Romance | 34 | 9-02-2018, 13:55

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 240KB Overview: Six months have passed since Carrie Maynard walked into D&B’s Steakhouse and collided with its owner, Devon Brine. Life has been a mixture of sweet, savory, and sour. While both women deal with the realities of owning a business, Carrie finds herself playing the role of parent to her four-year-old goddaughter, CJ. Carrie’s life is turned upside down by the irresponsible behavior of her best friend and business partner, Dar. She’s forced to...

Download Blood for Blood by Simon Smith-Wilson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Blood for Blood by Simon Smith-Wilson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 34 | 6-02-2018, 19:51

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI reader, 514 KB Overview: The power struggle for North City finally reaches boiling point. Marcus Riggs defects from his grieving father, declaring himself the first President of the North. Marcus wants to offer peace, security and progression for the people of his great city, but dark forces move in the shadows. Jasmine Murdock rules the twelve families with brutal effectiveness. If you do not stand with Jasmine, then your life expectancy will be vastly shortened. Things turn...

Download 2 books by Kathryn Lasky (.ePUB)

2 books by Kathryn Lasky (.ePUB)

Children & Young Adult | 33 | 2-02-2018, 19:00

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1.1 MB | The minute she had opened the trunk, she knew there wasn't anything like hope in it. Just awful musty things, but each one with a kind of terrible dark halo around it. She picked up that piece of old lace. She saw that stain -- pale, brownish in color. She knew it was blood. Somebody's blood. There was violence in that trunk, and dark secrets, and she did not want to know them. Curious about the old homestead where she now lives, Jerry finds an ancient trunk in the...

Download No Farm, No Foul by Peg Cochran (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

No Farm, No Foul by Peg Cochran (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Mystery & Thriller | 25 | 29-01-2018, 10:50

Requirements: Epub reader/Mobi reader, 1.02 Mb Overview: On her blog, The Farmer’s Daughter, Shelby McDonald is growing her audience as she posts recipes, gardening tips, and her experiences raising two kids and running Love Blossom Farm in the small western Michigan town of Lovett. Working the farm is demanding but peaceful—until that peace is shattered when the minister’s wife is murdered on Shelby’s property during a fund-raiser for a local church. But the manure really hits the fan...

Download Wade by Vanessa Devereaux (.ePUB)

Wade by Vanessa Devereaux (.ePUB)

Erotic | 41 | 25-01-2018, 12:27

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 181 KB | 2017 Re-issue Overview: Wade Linley never thought he’d live to see the day when he’d receive a frantic call from Emily Richardson asking him to drive out to the Mountain View B and B because she was about to be arrested for first degree murder. However, the evidence is overwhelming. Now she’s on her way to jail and has only one request—for Wade to phone call her granddaughter, Sophie, and ask her to come home. Wade knows having her back in town means...

Download Silver & Salt by Elanor Dymott (.ePUB)

Silver & Salt by Elanor Dymott (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 25 | 12-01-2018, 14:02

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.7MB | Retail Overview: On the death of the celebrated photographer Max Hollingbourne, his daughter, Ruthie, returns to his villa in Greece after fifteen years in exile. The youngest and estranged member of a once close-knit London family, Ruthie is haunted by a dark secret from her childhood, one that fractured her family and drove her mother to madness. Still, following her father's death, she and her older sister, Vinny, manage to build a fragile happiness at the villa...

Download The Good at Heart by Ursula Werner (.ePUB)

The Good at Heart by Ursula Werner (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 28 | 27-12-2017, 19:29

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 3.58 MB | Version: Retail Overview: Based on the author’s discoveries about her great-grandfather, this stunning debut novel takes place over three days when World War II comes to the doorstep of an ordinary German family living in an idyllic, rural village near the Swiss border. When World War II breaks out, Edith and Oskar Eberhardt move their family—their daughter, Marina; son-in-law, Franz; and their granddaughters—out of Berlin and into a small house in the quiet...

Download The Garden of Remembrance by Allan Watson (.ePUB)+

The Garden of Remembrance by Allan Watson (.ePUB)+

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 75 | 26-12-2017, 11:06

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI or AZW3 Reader, 1.2MB Overview: Matt McVey, his wife Teri, and their two young daughters Denise and Alice, are spending their summer holiday in St Andrew’s on the east coast of Scotland. This will be no carefree holiday however. Six weeks prior to the trip Teri discovered Matt was having a casual affair and kicked him out. Languishing in his brother’s spare room, Matt is resigned to the fact of inevitable divorce and losing his daughters when out of the blue Teri...

Download The Daughter's Return: African-American & Caribbean Women's Fictions of History

The Daughter's Return: African-American & Caribbean Women's Fictions of History

Culture | 14 | 25-12-2017, 16:05

Author: Caroline Rody  |  Isbn: 9780195138887  |  File size: 17.15MB  |  Year: 2001  |  Pages: 280  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture The Daughter's Return offers a close analysis of an emerging genre in African-American and Caribbean fiction produced by women writers who make imaginative returns to their ancestral pasts. Considering some of the defining texts of contemporary fiction--Toni Morrison's...

Download The Muse by Jessie Burton (.ePUB)

The Muse by Jessie Burton (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 34 | 20-12-2017, 15:18

Requirements: ePUB Reader 2.4 MB Overview: On a hot July day in 1967, Odelle Bastien climbs the stone steps of the Skelton gallery in London, knowing that her life is about to change forever. Having struggled to find her place in the city since she arrived from Trinidad five years ago, she has been offered a job as a typist under the tutelage of the glamorous and enigmatic Marjorie Quick. But though Quick takes Odelle into her confidence, and unlocks a potential she didn't know she had, she remains a...

Download State Murder series by Agnes Alexander (.ePUB)

State Murder series by Agnes Alexander (.ePUB)

Mystery & Thriller | 31 | 12-12-2017, 10:36

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1. 3 MB | Rebecca Davidson Armfield, heir to the multi-million-dollar Davidson Industry fortune is trying to cope with the loss of her unborn child. Suddenly, her sister turns up missing. Vernon Armfield, concerned only with business is uncaring about his wife’s situations and is of no help. Rebecca turns to Nick Quimbley, widower and owner of a detective agency. During the search for the secretive Miss Davidson, they stumble on a group of locals filming pornographic...

Download Secrets of the Book by Erin Fry (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Secrets of the Book by Erin Fry (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Children & Young Adult | 35 | 30-11-2017, 10:43

Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 3.08 Mb Overview: Sixth grader Spencer Lemon has a degenerative eye disease—and he’s rapidly losing his eyesight. So he has no idea why he was chosen to guard Pandora’s Book. When Ed, the old guy at the nursing home, hands over the book, he doesn’t get a chance to explain any of the rules to Spencer. Spencer only knows that the book contains famous dead people—people who can be brought back to life. Spencer and his autistic best friend, Gregor,...

Download The Crock of Gold by James Stephens (.PDF)

The Crock of Gold by James Stephens (.PDF)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 39 | 29-11-2017, 15:19

Requirements: PDF Reader, 499 Kb Overview: Truly unique, it is a mixture of philosophy, Irish folklore and the battle of the sexes all with charm, humour and good grace. The Crock of Gold contains 6 books: Book 1 – The Coming of Pan, Book 2 – The Philosophers Journey, Book 3 – The Two Gods, Book 4 – The Philosophers Return, Book 5 – The Policemen, and Book 6 – The Thin Woman's Journey. All rotate around the astonishing story of what happens when Pan shows up in Ireland, what Angus Og does about it, and...

Download Kit O'Malley Mysteries Series by Lindy Cameron (.ePUB)+

Kit O'Malley Mysteries Series by Lindy Cameron (.ePUB)+

Romance | 41 | 27-11-2017, 12:17

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 8,8 MB Overview: Lindy is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact – who long ago gave up the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist. Genre: Mystery, Romance, FF, Lesbian, LGBT Blood Guilt (#1): Private investigator Kit O'Malley has had more exciting cases than following a wealthy client's husband, but Celia Robinson is paying big money to find out what the libidinous Geoffrey is up to with a blonde, a redhead and entrepreneur Ian Dalkeith and his group of...

Download 4 Mail Order Bride Novels by Angela K. West (.ePUB)+

4 Mail Order Bride Novels by Angela K. West (.ePUB)+

Romance | 32 | 25-11-2017, 20:56

Requirements: ePUB / Mobi Reader, 1.5 MB / 2.00 MB Overview: Angela K. West writes romance novels in English and other languages; from her works: Veil of Resolve, Frontier Daughter and other novels. The western territories might be huge, but there wasn’t enough room in them for matters of the heart. Annabelle Collins has a problem—a scandal in Chicago has left her friendless, the scourge of her city. Not knowing where else to turn, she purchases a ticket out west, determined to start a new life...

Download Mrs P's Journey by Sarah Hartley (.ePUB)

Mrs P's Journey by Sarah Hartley (.ePUB)

Biographies & Memoirs | 25 | 17-11-2017, 12:58

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 28.6MB Overview: MRS P'S JOURNEY is the enchanting story of Phyllis Pearsall. Born Phyllis Isobella Gross, her lifelong nickname was PIG. The artist daughter of a flamboyant Hungarian Jewish immigrant, and an Irish Italian mother, her bizarre and often traumatic childhood did not restrain her from becoming one of Britain's most intriguing entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires. After an unsatisfactory marriage, Phyllis, a thirty-year-old divorcee, had to support herself and...

Download Dead Drop by D.A. Brown (.ePUB)

Dead Drop by D.A. Brown (.ePUB)

Mystery & Thriller | 25 | 13-11-2017, 17:05

Requirements: ePUB Reader 284 kb Overview: Detective Sophia Benedetti is weeks away from a coveted assignment in homicide. But when the young daughter of a prominent Seattle doctor is the victim of a ring of child pornographers operating in the dark web, Sophia finds herself hunting criminals in a virtual world, as well as uncomfortably close to home. The race is on to catch the predators before they vanish into cyberspace. And why has her ex-husband appeared after a two-year absence with information...

Download Galileo: Watcher Of The Skies

Galileo: Watcher Of The Skies

Astronomy | 34 | 10-11-2017, 14:39

Author: David Wootton  |  Isbn: 9780300125368  |  File size: 2 MB  |  Year: 2013  |  Pages: 344  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Astronomy Galileo (1564–1642) is one of the most important and controversial figures in the history of science. A hero of modern science and key to its birth, he was also a deeply divided man: a scholar committed to the establishment of scientific truth yet forced to concede the...

Download Vanishing & Other Stories by Deborah Willis (.ePUB)

Vanishing & Other Stories by Deborah Willis (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 27 | 3-11-2017, 14:28

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 350 kB | Version: Retail Overview: A French teacher who collects fiancÉs; a fortune-teller who fails to predict the heartbreak of her own daughter; an aging cowboy seduced by a city girl . . . these are some of the unforgettable people who live in these pages. In Vanishing and Other Stories, secrets are both kept and unearthed, and lives are shaped by missing lovers, parents, and children. With wisdom and dexterity, moments of dark humor, and a remark- able economy of words,...

Download The Universe In Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time & Beyond

The Universe In Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time & Beyond

Astronomy | 21 | 2-11-2017, 13:59

Author: Christophe Galfard  |  Isbn: 9781250069528  |  File size: 626.6 KB  |  Year: 2015  |  Pages: 384  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Astronomy Christophe Galfard holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cambridge University, where he was Professor Stephen Hawking's graduate student from 2000 to 2006, researching the so-called black hole information paradox. He is the author of three novels and was...

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