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Download Second Chance Romance by Jill Weatherholt (.ePUB)

Second Chance Romance by Jill Weatherholt (.ePUB)

Romance | 6 | 20-01-2018, 16:15

Requirements: .epub Reader, | 3.0Mb | Version: Retail Overview: Small-Town Daddy Jackson Daughtry's jobs as a paramedic and part-owner of a local café keep him busy—but the single dad's number one priority is raising his little girl with love and small-town values. And when his business partner's hotshot lawyer niece comes to town planning to disrupt their lives by moving her aunt away, Jackson has to set Melanie Harper straight. When circumstances forces them to work side by side in the coffee shop,...

Download Sweetwater Texas by Anne Hagan (.ePUB)+

Sweetwater Texas by Anne Hagan (.ePUB)+

Romance | 5 | 18-01-2018, 17:19

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 1.4 MB Overview: What’s it like to live and love blue in ruby red west-central Texas? Emmie Warren is a middle school teacher who is just trying not to rock the boat until she can finish her Master’s Degree and find the courage to move herself and her son away from sleepy Sweetwater to diverse, vibrant Austin, the only place in Texas she ever felt free to be herself. She’s been hiding her truth for years. She doesn’t see any reason to change that...

Download Fat Assassins by Marita Fowler (.ePUB)

Fat Assassins by Marita Fowler (.ePUB)

Mystery & Thriller | 7 | 18-01-2018, 16:50

Requirements: EPUB Reader | 419 KB Overview: Southern style sweet potatoes Shasta and Ulyssa have stuck together through thick and thin since their escape from third grade fat camp. But on one dark day, they both find themselves unemployed. A hazardous job hunt sees them turn down egg harvesting, drug dealing and phone sex before they settle for an exterminator job. Confusing mafia lingo leaves the girls thinking they’re being interviewed to cope with a rodent infestation. Confident that they can...

Download Pure Love, Pure Life: Exploring God's Heart On Purity

Pure Love, Pure Life: Exploring God's Heart On Purity

Personality & Family | 4 | 16-01-2018, 20:04

Author: Elsa Kok Colopy  |  Isbn: 978-0310726098  |  File size: 361.8 KB  |  Year: 2012  |  Pages: 208  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Personality I crafted every portion of you and I am delighted with my work. I have a purpose and a plan for your life, and I will walk with you every step of the way. Will you trust me? When you think of purity, what comes to mind? Perfect behavior? Impossible standards?...

Download The Better Girl Wins by Tara Weston (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Better Girl Wins by Tara Weston (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Erotic | 5 | 16-01-2018, 19:26

Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 262 Kb Overview: Sexy Asian Kelly and blonde Russian bombshell Olga meet in a five star hotel in New York to find out who is the better woman. Both are members of an online club where sexually aggressive females get together to find friends and rivals. Sexual partners and hated enemies. Both these hellcats are dominant sexual predators, and neither of them has ever met their match yet. Today it’ll happen. By the end of this erotic bout, the loser will have to...

Download 5 books by Ivy Smoak (.ePUB)

5 books by Ivy Smoak (.ePUB)

Romance | 7 | 15-01-2018, 13:41

Requirements: Epub reader, 2.65 Mb Overview: Ivy Smoak is an entrepreneur with very fickle tendencies. After much encouragement from her fiancé, she finally decided to dive into her true passion and began writing romance novels. She lives with her fiancé in Philly. Julia can't help but be a little bit of a Grinch this Christmas. After a painful break up, her little sister showing up with a surprise fiancé wasn't exactly Julia's Christmas wish. Especially when her mother won't stop reminding her that she...

Download The Closet & Thirst by Michael W. Layne (.ePUB)

The Closet & Thirst by Michael W. Layne (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 13 | 13-01-2018, 19:36

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 100 KB Overview: Two Horror Short Stories in One Book The Closet In the first short story, Sam is a young boy who loves his dad, but he'll do anything to stay in touch with the spirit of his recently departed mother, even if it means dealing with whatever is trapped in his father’s closet. Thirst The second story finds Erik and his girlfriend settling down for a nice dinner at home. But Erik can't stop drinking water, and he seems to have an insatiable hunger for sushi...

Download 4 Novels by Shelter Somerset (.ePUB) +

4 Novels by Shelter Somerset (.ePUB) +

Romance | 11 | 13-01-2018, 14:18

Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF reader 4.9 MB Overview: Shelter Somerset's home base is Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys writing about the lives of people who live off the land, whether they be the Amish, nineteenth-century pioneers, or modern-day idealists seeking to live apart from the crowd. Shelter's fascination with the rustic, aesthetic lifestyle began as a child with family camping trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains. His “brand” is anything from historicals, mysteries, thrillers, and...

Download Girlfight by Kelcey Coe (.ePUB)

Girlfight by Kelcey Coe (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 9 | 13-01-2018, 13:45

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 260 KB Overview: Ever dream of becoming a model? Join the fight! Out to prove she's the best, a wicked femme fatal jeopardizes the fashion show and lures her competition into a deadly game called Model Kombat pitting hungry models inside brutal cage fights to the death for their shot at fame and fortune. 184 pages with chapters and a table of contents. Genre: Horror Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download Silver & Salt by Elanor Dymott (.ePUB)

Silver & Salt by Elanor Dymott (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 9 | 12-01-2018, 14:02

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.7MB | Retail Overview: On the death of the celebrated photographer Max Hollingbourne, his daughter, Ruthie, returns to his villa in Greece after fifteen years in exile. The youngest and estranged member of a once close-knit London family, Ruthie is haunted by a dark secret from her childhood, one that fractured her family and drove her mother to madness. Still, following her father's death, she and her older sister, Vinny, manage to build a fragile happiness at the villa...

Download The Good at Heart by Ursula Werner (.ePUB)

The Good at Heart by Ursula Werner (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 12 | 27-12-2017, 19:29

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 3.58 MB | Version: Retail Overview: Based on the author’s discoveries about her great-grandfather, this stunning debut novel takes place over three days when World War II comes to the doorstep of an ordinary German family living in an idyllic, rural village near the Swiss border. When World War II breaks out, Edith and Oskar Eberhardt move their family—their daughter, Marina; son-in-law, Franz; and their granddaughters—out of Berlin and into a small house in the quiet...

Download Into Disaster: Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1941 6X9

Into Disaster: Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1941 6X9

Culture | 12 | 26-12-2017, 20:07

Author: Maurice Blanchot and Michael Holland  |  Isbn: 0823250962  |  File size: 12.2MB  |  Year: 2013  |  Pages: 160  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture The German Occupation of France put an end to Maurice Blanchot's career as a political journalist. In April 1941 he began to publish a weekly column of literary criticism in the Journal des Débats, which became the source for his first critical work, Faux...

Download 2 Celestial Mates Books by Vi Voxley (.ePUB)

2 Celestial Mates Books by Vi Voxley (.ePUB)

Erotic | 18 | 21-12-2017, 19:49

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 202 KB, 220 KB Overview: Vi's a small-town girl with big city dreams. Born and raised in Texas, she's always had her eyes to the stars. What's better than finding the man of your dreams in the stars? Finding two, obviously. How many broken hearts does a woman have to suffer through? Chloe knows she's done with all of that. From now on, it's going to be nothing, or love everlasting. No inbetweens. But... as a curvy lawyer in New York, where talk is cheap and love is cheaper,...

Download Serenity House Trilogy by Kathryn Shay (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Serenity House Trilogy by Kathryn Shay (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 15 | 19-12-2017, 15:24

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 1.7 Mb Overview: A trilogy about women who spent some of their adolescent years in a group home for troubled girls. Each story explores what effects their dysfunctional backgrounds had on them. Trust—not being able to trust—is a big issue for all three. But with the help of those who love them, each woman overcomes her difficult beginnings and becomes the person she was meant to be. Genre: Romance Practice Makes Perfect: They'd grown up at Serenity House- a group home for...

Download Stealing Christmas by Amanda Adams (.ePUB)

Stealing Christmas by Amanda Adams (.ePUB)

Romance | 21 | 18-12-2017, 16:19

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 196Kb | Version: Retail Overview: Bethany Riley is tired of being a good girl. This Christmas, she's determined to get what she's always wanted...Zach Steal's heart. Zach: Billionaire. Biker. Bad boy. That's what they call me. Everyone assumes they know what I want in a woman. They're wrong. Bethany Riley is beautiful, curved in all the right places, and those hot-for-teacher glasses make me want to go back to school. But she's got a ring on her finger and I know she's a...

Download The Horse Road by Troon Harrison (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Horse Road by Troon Harrison (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Children & Young Adult | 13 | 15-12-2017, 19:04

Requirements: ePUB reader, 2.0 MB Overview: For girls who love the historical adventures of American Girl and the equestrian details of "Canterwood Crest "or "Horse Diaries," this wonderful new series delivers both. In "The Horse Road," we meet Kallisto, a superb equestrian living in central Asia. On her way back from delivering horses to nomad breeders, Kallisto sees the Chinese army preparing to invade her city. Can she save her family and friends and protect the horses? Genre: Young Adult Download...

Download Reaching Rico (The Adamos #5) by Mia Madison (.ePUB)

Reaching Rico (The Adamos #5) by Mia Madison (.ePUB)

Romance | 22 | 15-12-2017, 13:30

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 185 KB Overview: "I put my hands on you, I'm never letting go." Rico Adamo thinks I need protecting -- from him. I've got to show him he's wrong. That this good girl can be as bad as he needs. And then I'd better hang on ... because it's going to be one hell of a ride. Genre: Romance Download link 1 Mirror: Download link 2...

Download Seeds of Change: Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver

Seeds of Change: Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver

Culture | 12 | 14-12-2017, 16:16

Author: Priscilla Leder  |  Isbn: 1572339349  |  File size: 1.4MB  |  Year: 2010  |  Pages: 299  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture Barbara Kingsolver's books have sold millions of copies. "The Poisonwood Bible "was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and her work is studied in courses ranging from English-as-a-second-language classes to seminars in doctoral programs. Yet, until now, there has been relatively...

Download Wine: Savvy Girl, A Guide To Wine

Wine: Savvy Girl, A Guide To Wine

Food & Drink | 13 | 13-12-2017, 14:20

Author: Brittany Deal  |  Isbn: 9780989710909  |  File size: 4.3 MB  |  Year: 2013  |  Pages: 96  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Cookbooks It’s hard to imagine a world without wine; I mean, what else would we use to help us decipher the meaning of life, cope with dating mishaps, or get through an episode of The Bachelor? But do you know what makes great wine better than good wine? Or why one Chardonnay...

Download Brat by Alicia Michaels (.MP3)

Brat by Alicia Michaels (.MP3)

Audiobooks | 17 | 13-12-2017, 13:41

Requirements: MP3 Player, 64 kbps, Duration: 6 hrs 35 mins, 181 Mb Overview: She's a spoiled shopaholic with daddy issues. He's a socially conscious vegetarian who doesn't hide his disdain for people who come from the trappings of wealth. Of course none of that would have mattered if Chloe could have just left her summer fling with Chase behind her, without a glance back - something that will prove impossible when the consequences of that fling rear their head. Particularly one consequence; one with 10...

Download 3 books by Elfriede Jelinek (.ePUB)

3 books by Elfriede Jelinek (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 11 | 11-12-2017, 18:53

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 291 kb, 828 kb Overview: Elfriede Jelinek is an Austrian playwright and novelist. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 for her "musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that, with extraordinary linguistic zeal, reveal the absurdity of society's clichés and their subjugating power." Genre: General Fiction Wonderful, Wonderful Times: It is the late 1950s. A man is out walking in a park in Vienna. He will be beaten up by four...

Download 2 books by Laurie Salzler (.ePUB)

2 books by Laurie Salzler (.ePUB)

Romance | 21 | 9-12-2017, 12:25

Requirements: Epub reader, 804 Kb Overview: Laurie Salzler holds a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Outdoor Recreation. She has worked with animals (wild and domesticated) her entire life, including several years spent in the veterinary field and equine industry at training and breeding facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, whose activities include horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, bird-watching, and photography. One of her favorite past...

Download The Eddie Dickens Trilogy by Philip Ardagh (.ePUB)

The Eddie Dickens Trilogy by Philip Ardagh (.ePUB)

Children & Young Adult | 11 | 6-12-2017, 17:19

Requirements: epub Reader 9.1MB Overview: The Eddie Dickens Trilogy is a series of humorous books written by Philip Ardagh. Genre: Children, Fiction Humor 01. AWFUL END: When both of Eddie Dickens's parents catch a disease that makes them turn yellow, go a bit crinkly round the edges and smell of hot water bottles, it's agreed he should go and stay with relatives at their house Awful End. Unfortunately for Eddie, those relatives are Mad Uncle Jack and Even-Madder Aunt Maud, and it doesn't look as if the...

Download Xenosaber: Fury of the Stars by Jedaiah Ramnarine (.ePUB)+

Xenosaber: Fury of the Stars by Jedaiah Ramnarine (.ePUB)+

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 37 | 6-12-2017, 10:55

Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 685 Kb Overview: One will awaken it. One will destroy it. After his home is destroyed, a mysterious drifter finds himself on a journey to unite heroes and stop an exiled prince and a zealous cult from unleashing a weapon that can destroy worlds. When exiled prince Baldr and the Order of the Void ride into the mystical lands of Star World, they bring with them a fate that can shake nations to their foundations. Jaival, a young drifter with a head full of wanderlust...

Download Blacklegs, Card Sharps, & Confidence Men: Nineteenth-Century Mississippi River Gambling Stories by Thomas Ruys Smith

Blacklegs, Card Sharps, & Confidence Men: Nineteenth-Century Mississippi River Gambling Stories by Thomas Ruys Smith

Games | 18 | 4-12-2017, 16:41

Author: Thomas Ruys Smith  |  Isbn: 9780807136362  |  File size: 1MB  |  Year: 2010  |  Pages: 288  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Gambling In 1836 Benjamin Drake, a midwestern writer of popular sketches for newspapers of the day, introduced his readers to a new and distinctly American rascal who rode the steamboats up and down the Mississippi and other western waterways -- the riverboat gambler. These men, he...

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