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Download The Dark Enforcer by Barry Richert (.MP3)

The Dark Enforcer by Barry Richert (.MP3)

Audiobooks | 4 | 13-02-2018, 16:00

Requirements: MP3 Player, 40 mins , 19 MB Overview: The story of a comic book store owner who is tired of being bullied so he summons "The Dark Enforcer", mighty protector of the oppressed to vanquish his enemies. Hosted by Malcolm McDowell and commissioned by Fangoria - America’s number-one source for horror - this original short story is fully dramatized to thrill and chill you! Genre: Audiobooks, Thriller, Horror Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download Blood for Blood by Simon Smith-Wilson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Blood for Blood by Simon Smith-Wilson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 13 | 6-02-2018, 19:51

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI reader, 514 KB Overview: The power struggle for North City finally reaches boiling point. Marcus Riggs defects from his grieving father, declaring himself the first President of the North. Marcus wants to offer peace, security and progression for the people of his great city, but dark forces move in the shadows. Jasmine Murdock rules the twelve families with brutal effectiveness. If you do not stand with Jasmine, then your life expectancy will be vastly shortened. Things turn...

Download The Living Dead Boy series by Rhiannon Frater (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Living Dead Boy series by Rhiannon Frater (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 18 | 2-02-2018, 11:29

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 1.58 Mb Overview: Rhiannon Frater works and lives in Austin, Texas. She loves reading, movies, gaming, and hanging out with friends and family when she's not tapping away at her computer on her latest story. She is the author of the As The World Dies Zombie Trilogy that was originally self published but was later picked up by Tor to be published in 2011. She is also the author of the modern day vampire novel, Pretty When She Dies and the gothic horror novel, The Tale on...

Download Tuskers III: The Omnivore Wars by Duncan McGeary (.ePUB)+

Tuskers III: The Omnivore Wars by Duncan McGeary (.ePUB)+

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 16 | 22-01-2018, 18:36

Requirements: Epub reader/Mobi reader, 1.18 Mb Overview: The wild pig invasion of Saguaro was a three day wonder. But Kathy Comfort, host of the cable crime program, Cathy Comfort's Justice, senses there was something more to the story than rabid pigs. With her young producer, Seth, she heads to Arizona to investigate, little realizing she's landing right in the middle of the Aporkcalypse. The Tuskers are alive and breeding and smarter than ever. With the young scientific genius, Tesla, and the military...

Download Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (.M4B)

Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (.M4B)

Audiobooks | 10 | 22-01-2018, 11:52

Requirements: M4B Player, 64kbps, 247MB Overview: Welcome to Mexico City… An Oasis In A Sea Of Vampires... Domingo, a lonely garbage-collecting street kid, is busy eking out a living when a jaded vampire on the run swoops into his life. Atl, the descendant of Aztec blood drinkers, must feast on the young to survive and Domingo looks especially tasty. Smart, beautiful, and dangerous, Atl needs to escape to South America, far from the rival narco-vampire clan pursuing her. Domingo is smitten. Her plan...

Download Sons of Chenia by Joshua Rutherford (.ePUB)

Sons of Chenia by Joshua Rutherford (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 24 | 17-01-2018, 15:37

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 550KB Overview: At one time, Chenia was a great country. With various clans spread from north to south, a sacred brotherhood of riders known as the Shepherds roamed the land, protecting their people in the name of their god Ada. But an unspoken horror in the Shepherd city of Sarbin fifteen years earlier has left the Chenians defenseless. As refugees, many have left their homeland while those who have stayed battle enemies both near and far. Caught between the relative safety...

Download The Closet & Thirst by Michael W. Layne (.ePUB)

The Closet & Thirst by Michael W. Layne (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 24 | 13-01-2018, 19:36

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 100 KB Overview: Two Horror Short Stories in One Book The Closet In the first short story, Sam is a young boy who loves his dad, but he'll do anything to stay in touch with the spirit of his recently departed mother, even if it means dealing with whatever is trapped in his father’s closet. Thirst The second story finds Erik and his girlfriend settling down for a nice dinner at home. But Erik can't stop drinking water, and he seems to have an insatiable hunger for sushi...

Download Girlfight by Kelcey Coe (.ePUB)

Girlfight by Kelcey Coe (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 24 | 13-01-2018, 13:45

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 260 KB Overview: Ever dream of becoming a model? Join the fight! Out to prove she's the best, a wicked femme fatal jeopardizes the fashion show and lures her competition into a deadly game called Model Kombat pitting hungry models inside brutal cage fights to the death for their shot at fame and fortune. 184 pages with chapters and a table of contents. Genre: Horror Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download The Call of Distant Shores by David Niall Wilson (.ePUB)

The Call of Distant Shores by David Niall Wilson (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 25 | 9-01-2018, 17:31

Requirements: Epub Reader, 280KB Overview: Thirteen tales of Elder Gods, Darkness, horror and Lovecraftian madness by Bram Stoker Award Winning author David Niall Wilson. From crazed sculpting tenants, to giant wooden cockroaches, to Tarot cards and a creepy old barber shop, these stories lead through doorways and down corridors that are not of this world. Published for the first time in this volume is the story Anomaly. Author's Introduction Glenn & The Tart of Mortar Psycho Maine Tenants The Milk of...

Download SFX - June 2017 (.PDF)

SFX - June 2017 (.PDF)

Magazines & Newspapers | 26 | 29-12-2017, 19:24

Requirements: PDF Reader, 49 MB Overview: SFX is the world's leading sci-fi, horror and fantasy magazine. Covering all areas of the genre across TV, movies, books, games, collectables and comics, every month SFX delivers news, features, exclusive Q&As, behind-the-scenes stories, star profiles and TV episode guides Genre: Magazine Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download The Garden of Remembrance by Allan Watson (.ePUB)+

The Garden of Remembrance by Allan Watson (.ePUB)+

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 53 | 26-12-2017, 11:06

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI or AZW3 Reader, 1.2MB Overview: Matt McVey, his wife Teri, and their two young daughters Denise and Alice, are spending their summer holiday in St Andrew’s on the east coast of Scotland. This will be no carefree holiday however. Six weeks prior to the trip Teri discovered Matt was having a casual affair and kicked him out. Languishing in his brother’s spare room, Matt is resigned to the fact of inevitable divorce and losing his daughters when out of the blue Teri...

Download The Esoteric Design by A. R. Crebs (.ePUB)

The Esoteric Design by A. R. Crebs (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 26 | 7-12-2017, 12:01

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 3.4 MB Overview: During the time of Mille 19 S.F., humanity’s war-torn population is scarce, and underprivileged children are given to the military to be raised as soldiers. Bio-Tech Military Corporation elite fighters, Aria and Troy, are sent to investigate a base devastated by alien attack. Growing up in constant battle, they quickly discover fighting against humans is one thing; fighting against monsters is a whole different challenge. Are these creatures actually what...

Download Prayers to Broken Stones by Dan Simmons (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Prayers to Broken Stones by Dan Simmons (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 58 | 29-11-2017, 17:59

Requirements: EPUB Reader, 2.7 MB Overview: A woman returns from the dead with disastrous results for the family who loves her.... An old-fashioned barbershop is the site of a medieval ritual of bloodyterror.... During a post-apocalyptic Christmas celebration, a messenger from the South brings tidings of great horror.... From a ghostly Civil War battlefield to a combat theme park in Vietnam, from the omnipotent brain of an autistic boy to a shocking story of psychic vampires, journey into a world of fear...

Download Blood & Iron: Letters From The Western Front

Blood & Iron: Letters From The Western Front

History | 16 | 29-11-2017, 11:14

Author: Jon Cooksey  |  Isbn: 9781848842977  |  File size: 3.2 MB  |  Year: 2011  |  Pages: 256  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: History Until now Hugh Butterworth was just one of the millions of lost soldiers of the Great War, and the extraordinary letters he sent home from the Western Front have been forgotten. But after more than ninety years of obscurity, these letters, which describe his experience of war...

Download Press Start To Play

Press Start To Play

Games | 28 | 22-11-2017, 20:52

Author: Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams  |  Isbn: 9781101873304  |  File size: 412 KB  |  Year: 2015  |  Pages: 528  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Games "Even those who doubt the editors' claim that "video games have come to play a vital role in modern human civilization" will be enthralled by these 26 stories (most of which are original to this volume). . . . Wilson and Adams have assembled a...

Download Stone Cold Bastards by Jake Bible (.M4B)

Stone Cold Bastards by Jake Bible (.M4B)

Audiobooks | 20 | 17-11-2017, 11:52

Requirements: M4B Player, 64 kbps, Duration: 8 hrs , 184 MB Overview: Only a rag-tag team of gargoyles stands between humanity and extinction. Hell has released its ravening horde of demons, leaving most of humanity a puke-spewing, head-spinning mess of possession. Humanity's last hope? A team of misfit gargoyles - including a cigar chomping, hard-ass grotesque - come alive and ready for battle during the End of Days. They guard the last cathedral-turned-sanctuary atop a bald knoll in the North Carolina...

Download First Light by Kody Boye (.ePUB)

First Light by Kody Boye (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 39 | 8-11-2017, 20:58

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 325 KB Overview: Before the attacks, Rose’s life was simple. Before there was mass violence in America, she was a university student in Liverpool. Before her roommate was savagely attacked, she wanted to make the world a better place. That was before the zombie outbreak. Now, Rose and her best friend Lyra are forced to flee their flat and find refuge onboard a yacht with a group of armed Genre: Horror > Zombies Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download Harvest of Ruin by Arthur Mongelli (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Harvest of Ruin by Arthur Mongelli (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 34 | 24-10-2017, 12:37

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, .98 Mb Overview: In the wake of a outbreak that sweeps the globe, the scattered survivors are left in a desperate fight to survive, as the dead rise to feast on the living. The Demott family is ending a weekend of camping by visiting a scenic river-walkway. When the sounds of chaos and panic come from the city ahead, they are propelled into a frenzied flight in search of safety. Will Norman is on his way to class in Manhattan when his commute turns into a harrowing,...

Download People Are Not Your Friends #1 by William R. Rohn (.ePUB)+

People Are Not Your Friends #1 by William R. Rohn (.ePUB)+

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 20 | 14-10-2017, 13:12

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 364 Kb Overview: The end of the world has come. A deadly virus is in the process of wiping out most of the civilized world. Now with zombies in the streets and no one to uphold the law, marauders have come to prey on the weak. Megan is trying to find her mother and younger sister. Her mom went to pick up her sister at soccer practice and never came home. Josh was sitting on a fortune in hydroponic weed. The end of the world has made money worthless, but weed is still in...

Download Sung In Blood by Glen Cook (.ePUB)

Sung In Blood by Glen Cook (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 25 | 6-10-2017, 12:37

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 180 kb Overview: Protector Jerhke has kept Shasessrre peaceful for hundreds of years. After his brutal murder, his son Rider tries to discover his father's murderer. Rider is helped in his search by his companions, as they battle against the agents of the mysterious Kralj Odehnal. But the murderous dwarf turns out to be an introduction to greater terror, as they match wits with Shai Khe, the powerful sorcerer who wants to rule Shaesserre. Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night...

Download The Breaking by Daniel Greene (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Breaking by Daniel Greene (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 31 | 5-10-2017, 16:56

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 1.01 Mb Overview: The dead have been ravaging the planet for months. Both the East and the West coasts of the United States have collapsed and the U.S. military is in full retreat. All their attempts to stem the tide of the dead have failed. Former Counter-terrorism Agent Mark Steele and his fellow survivors have been bushwhacked in the West Virginia hills. The fringe West Virginians are teaching him a valuable lesson in the new rules of the apocalypse. The mountain...

Download Soul Rider Series by Jack L. Chalker (.ePUB)

Soul Rider Series by Jack L. Chalker (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 32 | 29-09-2017, 15:22

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.4 MB Overview: Jack L. Chalker (1944-2005) was one of science fiction's most prolific and popular authors, with a readership numbering in the hundreds of thousands. His bestselling novels and series include The Changewinds, Midnight at the Well of Souls and its sequels, The Quintara Marathon trilogy, the "Soul Rider" series, the "Rings of the Master" series, and others. His novels have been translated into many foreign languages and many have been book...

Download The Keep by F. Paul Wilson (.ePUB)(.AZW)

The Keep by F. Paul Wilson (.ePUB)(.AZW)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 25 | 26-09-2017, 14:43

Requirements: Epub/AZW Reader, 1MB Overview: "Something is murdering my men." Thus reads the message received from a German commander stationed in a small castle high in the remote Transylvanian Alps. And when an elite Nazi SS extermination squad is dispatched to solve the problem, the men find a something that's both powerful and terrifying. Invisible and silent, the enemy selects one victim per night, leaving the bloodless and mutilated corpses behind to terrify its future victims. Panicked, the Nazis...

Download Highland Isles series by Heather McCollum (.ePUB)

Highland Isles series by Heather McCollum (.ePUB)

Romance | 14 | 25-09-2017, 14:19

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 462 kB | 454 kB Overview: Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical and YA paranormal romance writer. She earned her B.A. in Biology, much to her English professor’s dismay, and was a 2009 Golden Heart Finalist Genre: Romance, Historical The Beast of Aros Castle (#1): Ava Sutton is on the run from a dangerous man and makes her way safely to Scotland. Masquerading as a titled, English lady, she must convince the darkly handsome chief of the Macleans of Aros to wed...

Download Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja (.ePUB)+

Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja (.ePUB)+

Biographies & Memoirs | 19 | 14-09-2017, 15:16

Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 1.47 Mb Overview: Fauziya Kassindja describes her upbringing in a small Western Africa village as "part modern, part traditional, and Muslim throughout." Her Muslim father did not force his daughters to wear veils and encouraged their individualism. Most importantly, Kassindja's father instilled in her a distrust and fear of female circumcision, a controversial procedure still performed in many parts of the world. Tragically for Fauziya, he would die an untimely...

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