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Download The Ancient Dancer In The Modern World: Responses To Greek & Roman Dance

The Ancient Dancer In The Modern World: Responses To Greek & Roman Dance

Art | 7 | 27-03-2018, 08:12

Author: Fiona Macintosh  |  Isbn: 9780199548101  |  File size: 6.1 MB  |  Year: 2010  |  Pages: 536  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Art Classical reception is much indebted to this much anticipated collection of critical dance history in theatre. Zachary Dubar, New Theatre Quarterly When the eighteenth-century choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre sought to develop what is now known as modern ballet, he turned to...

Download Lords of Dragon Islands Series by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Lords of Dragon Islands Series by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Romance | 48 | 14-12-2017, 11:04

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 165 KB, 1 MB Overview: Isadora Montrose has a passion for romance and an eye for the beautiful mountains of the Northwest. She writes hot Paranormal Romance about sexy shifters and the strong women whose hearts they win. Her aim is to make you laugh out loud and satisfy your innermost desires. There'll always be hearts pounding in unison, and a whole lot of spice, you can count on that! When Victor Lindorm met gorgeous curvy Ingrid at his Uncle’s house party, he was...

Download On Stage Alone: Soloists & The Modern Dance Canon

On Stage Alone: Soloists & The Modern Dance Canon

Educational | 109 | 1-08-2017, 12:54

Author: Barbara Palfy and Claudia Gitelman  |  Isbn: 978-0813040257  |  File size: 2.5 MB  |  Year: 2012  |  Pages: 224  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Languages Providing a broad examination of the solo that spans the twentieth century, the expertly curated essays in this volume bring to light specific soloists’ work while also reflecting larger trends in concert dance and interrogating issues of...

Download The Encyclopedia Of World Ballet

The Encyclopedia Of World Ballet

Educational | 150 | 1-08-2017, 12:54

Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass  |  Isbn: 978-1442245259  |  File size: 27.9 MB  |  Year: 2015  |  Pages: 424  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3  |  Category: Encyclopedia and Dictionary Throughout the centuries, ballet has had a rich and ever-evolving role in the humanities. Renowned choreographers, composers, and performers have contributed to this unique art form, staging enduring works of beauty. Significant...

Download Toxic by Morgan Mason (.ePUB)

Toxic by Morgan Mason (.ePUB)

Romance | 176 | 1-08-2017, 12:52

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 356 KB Overview: Alexander Diniz Bismarck is heir to a large steel company in the country. The intensity of his actions does not only occur in the business world, but also in his personal life, with intense pleasures. Alex has control of everything: his company, his life, his emotions. His past is marked by losses and disappointments. And the more success he attains, the more enemies he accumulates. Isadora De Luca Medeiros is the new partner of the Steel Man company. Sweet,...

Download Beneath the Spectral Veil by Emily Rylands (.ePUB)

Beneath the Spectral Veil by Emily Rylands (.ePUB)

Mystery & Thriller | 79 | 1-08-2017, 12:52

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 265 kb Overview: Victorian gentlewoman Isadora Reed is a woman ahead of her time. She is intelligent, willful, and unafraid to speak her mind. Whenever her favorite topic arises, that of the plight of women and the state of matrimony, she can expound for hours on the problems caused by meek women and overbearing men, which is why a wedding is the last place she would ever want to be. The upcoming nuptials of a very dear friend leave her little choice, however, and she soon...

Download The Celestial Bride by Janie Doe (.ePUB)

The Celestial Bride by Janie Doe (.ePUB)

Romance | 136 | 1-08-2017, 12:52

Requirements: ePUB Reader 530 kb Overview: Marcos made a mistake by trusting Rachel, but the desire spoke louder, and now he wants his lover back at any cost! Marcos Montenegro is a man of extremes, who after the premature loss of his parents, was forced to assume not only the control of Vinícola Montenegro but also the custody of his two younger sisters, Mariana and Isadora. All this responsibility has made him hard and authoritarian, as well as being a stern proponent of the saying that ends always...

Download Emily by Stephen Kingston (.ePUB)

Emily by Stephen Kingston (.ePUB)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 145 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 379 KB Overview: A dream cottage in the Yorkshire Dales should have been the perfect paradise for Peter, Mary and their young son Jason. But soon after they arrive in their new home, strange things start to happen. A young girl stops by and asks who they are. A strange Victorian pram refuses to be thrown out of the cellar, and over on the moors stands a large standing stone. The locals in the pub warn Mary and Peter their dream cottage has “history” - lots of...

Download The Somerset Series Box Set by Isadora Brown (.ePUB)

The Somerset Series Box Set by Isadora Brown (.ePUB)

Romance | 136 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: ePUB Reader 731 kb Overview: Go to bed with vampires and werewolves in this 3 book collection... This box set includes Books 2-4 of the popular Somerset Series by Isadora Brown She was his; that was all there was to it, whether he actually liked her or not. As Alpha to the Sterling wolfpack, Marcus Sterling is possessive of all things he deems as his - including Nocturnal Defense agent, Bridgette Barker. Problem is, Bridgette has no interest in belonging to the Alpha, especially considering...

Download 2 Books by Joel Thomas Hynes (.ePUB)

2 Books by Joel Thomas Hynes (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 144 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 1.1Mb | Version: Retail Overview: JOEL THOMAS HYNES was born and raised in Calvert, Newfoundland. His book, Down to the Dirt, won the Percy Janes First Novel Award, was shortlisted for the Atlantic Book Awards and the Winterset Award, and was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. It has also been staged to widespread acclaim and was recently adapted for the big screen. A celebrated author of novels, short stories and stage plays, Hynes is also a...

Download Phoenix Aflame by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Phoenix Aflame by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Romance | 129 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: ePUB Reader 275 kb Overview: Sparks fly when Phoenix Shifter Col. Harrison D’Angelo and his billionaire clan sweep BBW Tasha and her daughter Rebecca into the protection of their family compound for the Fourth of July. To protect curvy Tasha and keep his young daughter with him, widower Harrison suggests a marriage of convenience. Divorcée Tasha doesn’t want to remarry. But their little girls are best friends. Becky shares her mom’s peril. Unlike her ex, wealthy Alpha...

Download Menagerie by Sharon Montrose (.ePUB)

Menagerie by Sharon Montrose (.ePUB)

Other | 71 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 5MB Overview: Features Sharon Montrose's richly evocative photographs of wild and domestic animals displayed in unusual ways. From the baby porcupine to the kitten to the zebra, each animal has a pronounced identity not unlike the eccentric uncle or prodigal cousin displayed among family portraits. Genre: Non-Fiction, Photography Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download Isadora by Amelia Gray (.ePUB)

Isadora by Amelia Gray (.ePUB)

General Fiction & Classics | 172 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: Epub reader, 1.02 Mb Overview: Using the scaffolding of Isadora Duncan’s life and the stuff of her spirit, Amelia Gray delivers an incredibly imaginative portrait of the artist. In 1913, the restless world sat on the brink of unimaginable suffering. But for one woman, the darkness of a new era had already made itself at home. Isadora Duncan would come to be known as the mother of modern dance, but in the spring of 1913 she was a grieving mother, after a freak accident in Paris...

Download The Way in Marked Cards Series by Andreia Koslowski (.ePUB)

The Way in Marked Cards Series by Andreia Koslowski (.ePUB)

Romance | 126 | 1-08-2017, 12:51

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 890 KB Overview: Andreia Koslowski is a Brazilian writer who after traveling to unusual places in Europe and meet people from all over the world, today dedicated her days writing romance and fiction books on the literary world. She is the author of the series " The way marked cards", and already published two books " The Priestess" and " The Star", published in three languages ​​and will soon be released the third and final book of the series and...

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