Download The Dusk Parlor by S.A. Stovall (.ePUB)

The Dusk Parlor by S.A. Stovall (.ePUB)

Romance | 35 | 17-01-2018, 12:11

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.4MB | Retail Overview: Former soldier Hugh Harris is a “hāfu”—half-Japanese, half-American—and, after his father’s death, he returns to Kobe, Japan, in order to connect with his mother and her family. Confused and feeling out of place, Hugh finds work as a waiter at an upscale nightclub. The other employees, an odd and eclectic bunch, quickly make him feel at home, especially the bartender, Ren, and the club host, Kaito. But the tranquility doesn’t...

Download The Librarian & the Spy by Susan Mann (.ePUB)

The Librarian & the Spy by Susan Mann (.ePUB)

Romance | 33 | 15-01-2018, 19:04

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1 MB Overview: A librarian’s journey from the checkout desk to fast cars, stolen treasures, and international intrigue / with an introduction by suave, handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood. Adventure-hungry Quinn Ellington’s job solving mundane mysteries for library patrons entangles her in a mission to decode the whereabouts of a weapons cache from a priceless work of art before arms dealers beat her to it. Her adventure is filled with twists,...

Download 5 books by Ivy Smoak (.ePUB)

5 books by Ivy Smoak (.ePUB)

Romance | 49 | 15-01-2018, 13:41

Requirements: Epub reader, 2.65 Mb Overview: Ivy Smoak is an entrepreneur with very fickle tendencies. After much encouragement from her fiancé, she finally decided to dive into her true passion and began writing romance novels. She lives with her fiancé in Philly. Julia can't help but be a little bit of a Grinch this Christmas. After a painful break up, her little sister showing up with a surprise fiancé wasn't exactly Julia's Christmas wish. Especially when her mother won't stop reminding her that she...

Download 4 Novels by Shelter Somerset (.ePUB) +

4 Novels by Shelter Somerset (.ePUB) +

Romance | 43 | 13-01-2018, 14:18

Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF reader 4.9 MB Overview: Shelter Somerset's home base is Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys writing about the lives of people who live off the land, whether they be the Amish, nineteenth-century pioneers, or modern-day idealists seeking to live apart from the crowd. Shelter's fascination with the rustic, aesthetic lifestyle began as a child with family camping trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains. His “brand” is anything from historicals, mysteries, thrillers, and...

Download The Bull Rider by Helen DePrima (.ePUB)

The Bull Rider by Helen DePrima (.ePUB)

Romance | 30 | 12-01-2018, 18:02

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.7MB | Retail Overview: This could be her toughest assignment yet Having witnessed her father's death in a race-car crash, Joanna Dace can't imagine getting close to anyone who risks his life for sport. But she can write about them. Keeping her professional distance lets her get inside anyone's head without letting that person into her heart. Until she meets her latest subject--professional bull rider Tom Cameron. Tom has a quiet cowboy charm and a darkness beneath his rugged...

Download The Billionaire's Touch Series by Sierra Rose (.ePUB)

The Billionaire's Touch Series by Sierra Rose (.ePUB)

Romance | 40 | 11-01-2018, 20:18

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 832Kb | Version: Retail Overview: Sierra Rose is a penname for the author who lives in rural Ohio with her family of two recently adopted kittens named Sam and Dean. She is a 1993 graduate of Buckeye Local High School in Rayland, Ohio and began writing while in school. She enjoys writing action/adventure and has more recently began writing in other genres which include paranormal/romantic suspense which is what her first published novel is in. She is an avid reader will...

Download Fiona Vs. Football Player by Mona Cox (.ePUB)

Fiona Vs. Football Player by Mona Cox (.ePUB)

Romance | 42 | 9-01-2018, 12:16

Requirements: ePUB Reader 170 kb Overview: This quarterback? Total opposite of deflated "footballs"... 

I don't even like football! But I like Danny Manning.... He's hot. With an insane body. Just looking at it makes me melt. When he talks to me, it makes my head spin in excitement. And when he touches me, it makes me sigh in pleasure. I can't get enough of the guy! And he knows that! Sure, he's so famous that it's a bit hard to adjust. I may or may not have let it all go to my head. Now I'm...

Download Vampire Cop by Sheri Kurtz (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Vampire Cop by Sheri Kurtz (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 42 | 27-12-2017, 19:38

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 897 Kb Overview: Shawn Anderson is the Chief Deputy Sheriff for the county he was born and raised in. With his father as the Sheriff and his brother a Sargent, the Anderson reputation is well known. The one thing no one knows about Shawn is that he is a vampire. Until he becomes the target of a frame job. With the help of his fellow officers, it's a race against time to find the murderer and clear his name. Genre: Paranormal Romance Download link 1 Mirror: Download...

Download The Devil & the Red Ribbon by Theo Rion (.ePUB)

The Devil & the Red Ribbon by Theo Rion (.ePUB)

Romance | 39 | 25-12-2017, 18:35

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.5MB Overview: London, 1898 John Fenririr can get anything, and anyone, he wants and he knows it. He’s rich and handsome, and loves to play with people, their minds and lives. But what if an intelligent man crosses John’s path? What if this man doesn’t mind playing as well? What if he’s willing to play on the edge of sanity, and life? Kurt Rhein is a psychologist captured by curiosity about John’s magnetism and charisma. He’s sure he can...

Download Liberator Series Box Set by Stephenia H. McGee (.ePUB)

Liberator Series Box Set by Stephenia H. McGee (.ePUB)

Romance | 34 | 25-12-2017, 15:29

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1.7 MB | "All we have to do is kidnap their President...." Four years of war have reduced the South to near annihilation. Homes lay smoldering and men become desperate. Amid the shadows of fear, a clandestine group waits for an opportunity to change the course of history. Harlot, liar, spy... On the threshold of losing her plantation, Annabelle Ross finds a cryptic letter on a dying soldier and seizes the opportunity to get out a message of her own. She never dreamed...

Download Harrigan's Bride by Cheryl Reavis (.ePUB)

Harrigan's Bride by Cheryl Reavis (.ePUB)

Romance | 37 | 23-12-2017, 15:12

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 432 kb Overview: Abiah's Heart Waged A Battle Of Its Own Abiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan. Always. But the war had contrived to make them enemies. Now that same war had bound them as man and wife. Yet did Thomas' heart's desire truly match her own? When Thomas Harrigan found Abby dying in an abandoned house, he risked everything to see her safe. No matter that he was a Yankee captain and she a loyal Rebel. She was all that had been good and true in his life—and...

Download Shifter Untamed by Amber Ella Monroe (.ePUB)

Shifter Untamed by Amber Ella Monroe (.ePUB)

Romance | 31 | 22-12-2017, 15:41

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 806 kB | Aspen Valley Wolf Pack #5: Download link 5...

Download 2 Novels by K.A. Linde (.ePUB)

2 Novels by K.A. Linde (.ePUB)

Romance | 41 | 21-12-2017, 15:25

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1.5 MB / 514 kb Overview: K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of the Avoiding Series and more than fifteen other novels. She grew up as a military brat and attended the University of Georgia where she obtained a Master’s in political science. She works full-time as an author and loves Disney movies, binge-watching Supernatural, and Star Wars. Genre: Romance The Wright Brother (#1): I'd dated his brother. He didn’t remember and I wish I could forget. I...

Download The Dangerous Thief by Mallory Crowe (.ePUB)

The Dangerous Thief by Mallory Crowe (.ePUB)

Romance | 50 | 21-12-2017, 15:18

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 610 KB Overview: James Weston hasn't given a damn about anything or anyone ever since the first time he took a life. Except now the hired killer is on a very different type of job: Babysitting. Willa Belli has trouble following her. She is used to partying and trips to the most exotic parts of the world, but her glamorous lifestyle has taken a heavy blow. Now that she knows exactly where her father's money comes from, she's determined to finally do something right and put a...

Download Just Hit Send by Grasshopper (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Just Hit Send by Grasshopper (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Romance | 25 | 21-12-2017, 14:12

Requirements: ePUB/PDF Reader, 2.79 mb Overview: It all started with a question from one confused boy, "Will someone listen?" and was sealed with an answer from another "I will." From a conversation to forever; Jordan and Danny's story is full of trials and struggle, where Jordan fights for his father's love and Danny makes peace with his inability to walk. Will their love be enough to keep them together and protect them from prejudice and jealousy? How many lives will they affect and...

Download Making Scandal by Kiru Taye (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Making Scandal by Kiru Taye (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 33 | 20-12-2017, 18:08

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 936 Kb Overview: Sassy, successful Faith Brown has earned her place in the boardroom through hard work and sheer ambition. Making family is not on her agenda when there are businesses to develop and competitors to outdo. So when a casual affair with smooth and irresistible tycoon Mark Essien leads to an unplanned pregnancy, she’s determined not to make the mistakes her mother made by living with a man just for the sake of her child. For Mark, personal matters have no...

Download Serenity House Trilogy by Kathryn Shay (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Serenity House Trilogy by Kathryn Shay (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 30 | 19-12-2017, 15:24

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 1.7 Mb Overview: A trilogy about women who spent some of their adolescent years in a group home for troubled girls. Each story explores what effects their dysfunctional backgrounds had on them. Trust—not being able to trust—is a big issue for all three. But with the help of those who love them, each woman overcomes her difficult beginnings and becomes the person she was meant to be. Genre: Romance Practice Makes Perfect: They'd grown up at Serenity House- a group home for...

Download Stealing Christmas by Amanda Adams (.ePUB)

Stealing Christmas by Amanda Adams (.ePUB)

Romance | 43 | 18-12-2017, 16:19

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 196Kb | Version: Retail Overview: Bethany Riley is tired of being a good girl. This Christmas, she's determined to get what she's always wanted...Zach Steal's heart. Zach: Billionaire. Biker. Bad boy. That's what they call me. Everyone assumes they know what I want in a woman. They're wrong. Bethany Riley is beautiful, curved in all the right places, and those hot-for-teacher glasses make me want to go back to school. But she's got a ring on her finger and I know she's a...

Download Love, Eternal by N.R. Searcy (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Love, Eternal by N.R. Searcy (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 49 | 16-12-2017, 19:03

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 126 Kb Overview: Love, Eternal is a short fairy tale about the power of love. Logan and Jacqueline's love draws the ire of an evil witch who grants the two of them eternal life, but with a price. They will live out eternity apart, never again to feel love's embrace. Can they break the curse? Genre: Romance Fantasy Download link 1 Mirror: Download link 2...

Download Devi's Bliss Box Set by Mika Lane (.ePUB)

Devi's Bliss Box Set by Mika Lane (.ePUB)

Romance | 39 | 16-12-2017, 16:56

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 498 KB Overview: What happens when you combine sensual massage, hot men, and the beautiful women who oblige them? A world-famous spa where anything can—and does—happen. Join Noelle, Dakini, and Isabella, in the zen sensuality of Devi's Bliss and fall down a rabbit hole of your own exquisite passion. Genre: Romance 1. a story of Noelle - Noelle Berry is going places. She’s an in-demand sensual massage therapist at the famed Devi’s Bliss spa just outside San...

Download Reaching Rico (The Adamos #5) by Mia Madison (.ePUB)

Reaching Rico (The Adamos #5) by Mia Madison (.ePUB)

Romance | 50 | 15-12-2017, 13:30

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 185 KB Overview: "I put my hands on you, I'm never letting go." Rico Adamo thinks I need protecting -- from him. I've got to show him he's wrong. That this good girl can be as bad as he needs. And then I'd better hang on ... because it's going to be one hell of a ride. Genre: Romance Download link 1 Mirror: Download link 2...

Download Lords of Dragon Islands Series by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Lords of Dragon Islands Series by Isadora Montrose (.ePUB)

Romance | 47 | 14-12-2017, 11:04

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 165 KB, 1 MB Overview: Isadora Montrose has a passion for romance and an eye for the beautiful mountains of the Northwest. She writes hot Paranormal Romance about sexy shifters and the strong women whose hearts they win. Her aim is to make you laugh out loud and satisfy your innermost desires. There'll always be hearts pounding in unison, and a whole lot of spice, you can count on that! When Victor Lindorm met gorgeous curvy Ingrid at his Uncle’s house party, he was...

Download Tame a Wild Human by Kari Gregg (.ePUB)

Tame a Wild Human by Kari Gregg (.ePUB)

Romance | 64 | 13-12-2017, 17:47

Requirements: ePUB Reader 342 kb Overview: Drugged, bound, and left as bait on the cusp of the lunar cycle, Wyatt Redding is faced with a terrifying set of no-win scenarios. Best case: he survives the coming days as a werewolf pack’s plaything and returns to the city as a second-class citizen with the mark — and protection — of the pack. Worst case: the wolves sate their lusts with Wyatt’s body, then send him home without their protection, condemning him to live out the rest of his short life...

Download Blind Passion by Brannan Black (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Blind Passion by Brannan Black (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 35 | 13-12-2017, 12:00

Requirements: ePUB/MOBI reader 5338 kB Overview: Two randy young wolfmen want my burrow -- and me. And they aren't planning to take no for answer! The world fell apart after a virus killed billions, and turned most male survivors into violent wolfmen. Five of us, my family, found refuge in an abandoned bomb shelter. Over the last three years I've lost them all. Now I'm trapped here. Alone. Food stores running low, I resolved I would not die down here in the stark silence of my burrow. I know there are...

Download Between Octobers by A.R. Rivera (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Between Octobers by A.R. Rivera (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 66 | 11-12-2017, 12:48

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 417 Kb Overview: Happy endings have often eluded Grace Zuniga. Now she finds herself facing down deadly trouble, hoping and praying the pattern will change. When Grace wakes up in a dark, confined space with no memory of how she got there, the fear is nearly crippling. She can’t surrender to it. Her children need her. She’s all they have left after losing their father. Though Grace is not sure she can survive, she’s determined to try. But to do that, she...