Download Reality Girl : Episode Three by Jessica Hildreth (.ePUB)

Reality Girl : Episode Three by Jessica Hildreth (.ePUB)

Romance | 10 | 31-08-2017, 11:45

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 192 KB Overview: Episode three brings Eric, the well-endowed muscular hunk. Along with him comes temptation, as his ‘gift’ is something quite remarkable. Succumbing to temptations isn’t what Lou wants, but after spending a night at the pool with the new arrival, her friend and confidant, Franky, might not even be able to pull her away. Episode III of the Reality Girl Series takes the reader on a journey. Lou’s decisions are her own, and she owns them....

Download The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian by C.S. Pacat (.ePUB)

The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian by C.S. Pacat (.ePUB)

Romance | 12 | 30-08-2017, 17:25

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 131 kB Overview: The Adventures of Charls follows the dealings of a humble cloth merchant in the days before the royal Ascension. Set after the events of Kings Rising and The Summer Palace. Captive Prince #3.5: Download link 4...

Download A Whisper Of Solace by K. J. Coakley (.ePUB)

A Whisper Of Solace by K. J. Coakley (.ePUB)

Romance | 16 | 29-08-2017, 18:53

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 339 kb Overview: Will I read somewhere there were five official stages of grief. Denial: I lived in this state for the last two years. If I didn’t allow myself to believe my wife was gone, then I didn’t have to accept it.Anger: I was pissed…at everything. Bargaining: I would continue on the journey that Sophia and I had begun—when I was ready. Depression: I felt hollow inside.Acceptance: When I met Kara Murphy, I finally accepted that maybe I was meant to love...

Download The Firstborn by Quenby Olson (.ePUB)

The Firstborn by Quenby Olson (.ePUB)

Romance | 105 | 29-08-2017, 18:21

Requirements: ePUB Reader 249 kb Overview: Sophia has sacrificed everything for her younger sister, Lucy. She has removed them from the only home they ever knew, taken on the care of Lucy's illegitimate son, George, and even assumed the role of a widow and mother in order to erase all hint of scandal from the boy's birth. But rumor continues to follow them like the darkest of clouds, and Sophia must adapt to her new existence as a false widow with no prospects beyond the doors of her small cottage. Lord...

Download The Lies by Christina C Jones (.ePUB)

The Lies by Christina C Jones (.ePUB)

Romance | 19 | 29-08-2017, 12:29

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 236 KB Overview: Sometimes, the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. They build and build, into a facade of transparency and false truth that we present to the world… until it comes crashing down because of that one person who sees right into you. “Just one more time.” “It’s not even like that.” “I’m not tripping about it.” “I’m fine. Really.” Growth and Forgiveness. Maturity and Grace. Moving on, and...

Download Master Professor by Tara Sue Me (.ePUB)

Master Professor by Tara Sue Me (.ePUB)

Romance | 21 | 26-08-2017, 17:52

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.9 MB Overview: Students are begging to be held after class... Andie Lincoln is madly in love with Terrence Knight - her childhood friend-turned-Hollywood's newest golden boy. But he's a Dominant and wants her trained as a submissive before he'll consider a relationship with her. He enrolls her at the RACK Academy with strict instructions for her teachers: do whatever you need to, but don't take her virginity. Fulton Matthews, the director of incoming students, is enthralled...

Download Ashwin (Gideon’s Riders #1) by Kit Rocha (.ePUB)

Ashwin (Gideon’s Riders #1) by Kit Rocha (.ePUB)

Romance | 13 | 26-08-2017, 15:52

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 657 kb Overview: Lieutenant Ashwin Malhotra is a Makhai soldier—genetically engineered to be cold, ruthless. Unfeeling. His commanding officers consider him the perfect operative, and they're right. Now, he has a simple mission: to infiltrate Gideon's Riders, the infamous sect of holy warriors that protects the people of Sector One. He's never failed to execute an objective, but there's one thing he didn't anticipate—running into Dr. Kora Bellamy, the only woman to ever break...

Download At His Command by Karen Anders (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

At His Command by Karen Anders (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Romance | 12 | 26-08-2017, 10:59

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 611 Kb Overview: Six years after her brother's death in an F-18 fighter jet crash, Lieutenant Ambrosia ("Sia") Soto must investigate another pilot fatality aboard the U.S.S. James McCloud. A routine training mission claimed the life of a senator's son, and Sia must shelve her family demons to find answers. There's just one hitch. Leading her on the investigation is NCIS agent Chris Vargas: her former lover and the man she blames for her brother's death. Can Sia...

Download Summer at the Lake by Linda Barrett (.ePUB)

Summer at the Lake by Linda Barrett (.ePUB)

Romance | 19 | 25-08-2017, 20:37

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 335 kB Overview: Flying Solo -- single parents, second chances and the power of love... Veteran NY cop, Rick Cooper, heads to his family’s lake house after losing a hostage negotiation, resulting in the death a child. He brings only his dog and his saxophone for company. His agenda includes lots of fishing while figuring out an appropriate career change. Single mom, Kristin McCarthy hears the sound of the saxophone gliding through the night air…a healing sound for her...

Download Two Wrongs by Donna Alam (.ePUB)

Two Wrongs by Donna Alam (.ePUB)

Romance | 14 | 23-08-2017, 20:59

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 368 KB Overview: When Ivy Adams is summoned back to LA by her secret husband, it’s for the purpose of revenge, not a second chance. Estranged as long as they’ve been married, Ivy’s never told anyone she even has a husband, let alone he’s the Scots born movie star, Dylan Duffy. Yeah, that Dylan Duffy. The sexy-as-sin bad-boy. The man whose rumbling accent has half the world’s panties damp. But Ivy isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and...

Download Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate by Nina Milne (.ePUB)

Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate by Nina Milne (.ePUB)

Romance | 20 | 22-08-2017, 19:05

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 2.0Mb | Version: Retail (2017 Reissue) Overview: One evening that changes everything! After Lady Kaitlin Derwent was kidnapped as a child, she shut down her emotions and focused on becoming the perfect daughter her aristocratic family wanted. But, one evening in Barcelona, she meets a handsome stranger who makes her crave freedom... Wealthy lawyer Daniel Harrington has never believed in love, but spending the evening with Kaitlin opens up new possibilities. Daniel is...

Download The Darling Songbirds by Rachael Herron (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Darling Songbirds by Rachael Herron (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Romance | 20 | 22-08-2017, 11:09

Requirements: .epub/.mobi Reader, | 1.4Mb | Version: Retail Overview: A sparkling, highly entertaining romantic comedy about a beloved country girl group, from the bestselling author of Pack Up the Moon: Adele, Molly and Lana are The Darling Songbirds, the country-singing sisters who gained fame in their teens for their smart lyrics and sweet harmonies. But when their father died suddenly on the eve of their big tour, the threesome shattered. Now, eleven years later, Adele arrives back in Darling Bay,...

Download Ride by Harper Dallas (.ePUB)

Ride by Harper Dallas (.ePUB)

Romance | 19 | 21-08-2017, 16:30

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 365 KB Overview: No one rides like Chase Austin. Bad boy. Player. Adrenaline junkie. Snowboarder Chase Austin has a reputation—and not just for being the world’s best extreme athlete. He’s as cold as the mountains he rides, loyal only to his crew . . . and panties drop wherever he goes. Photographer Brooke Larson knows better than to let him get through her emotional Kevlar. So what if she used to have his poster on her bedroom wall? She’s not a teenager with...

Download Sympathetic Strangers by Annabel Murray (.ePUB)

Sympathetic Strangers by Annabel Murray (.ePUB)

Romance | 16 | 21-08-2017, 16:01

Requirements: Requirements: ePUB Reader, 210 KB Overview: He had to understand that her children came first Widowed with seven-year-old twins, Sandra Tyler hoped an extended visit to the Kent countryside would help her sort out the future. Until she met the local lord of the manor. Griff Faversham was sympathetic and Sandra warmed to him immediately. But despite her attraction to him, she fought his attentions. Her children were not going to have another rich, uncaring father like her late husband had...

Download Reunited by Pregnancy Surprise by Louisa Heaton (.ePUB)

Reunited by Pregnancy Surprise by Louisa Heaton (.ePUB)

Romance | 21 | 17-08-2017, 19:44

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.8MB | Retail Overview: Reclaiming his wife…and his baby! Obstetrician Sam Saint wakes in hospital after an accident to find he doesn't remember the past eighteen months. The beautiful woman by his bedside is in fact his wife…and she's pregnant! Midwife Emily never thought her husband would want the child she longs for. But now that she's expecting his baby, she's determined to fight for their marriage. And as they rediscover each other, Emily and Sam find themselves making...

Download Rowan (Woodsmen & City Girls #1) by Amber Burns (.ePUB)

Rowan (Woodsmen & City Girls #1) by Amber Burns (.ePUB)

Romance | 14 | 16-08-2017, 20:30

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 403 KB Overview: Rowan: Money, consumerism, companionship... I left it all behind years ago. I didn't have to, with my looks and drive I could of had it all. But I knew, deep down, that wasn't what I wanted. I needed fresh air in my lungs, grass under my feet and sweat running down my brow as I built my own life. So I left, I left it all behind and built what I wanted. But one thing was missing, something the seductively dancing fire reminded me of time and time again. I...

Download Englishwoman in Manhattan by Jenny O'Brien (.ePUB)

Englishwoman in Manhattan by Jenny O'Brien (.ePUB)

Romance | 21 | 15-08-2017, 11:48

Requirements: ePUB Reader 243 kb Overview: Englishwoman in Manhattan, the stand alone follow-up to Englishwoman in Paris. Recently widowed Lady Cara Bachmeire has moved away from Paris and the world she once knew to New York in order to escape from the past, a past where she's lost her husband, her career and nearly her life. She wasn't expecting much and certainly not the peace and sanctuary of Gramercy Park. Gramercy Park, Manhattan's best kept secret with its precious keys very much in the style of...

Download Romantek series by Patricia Green (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Romantek series by Patricia Green (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Romance | 19 | 12-08-2017, 19:14

Requirements: EPUB/MOBI Reader, 1.3 MB Overview: "I began writing for publication at age seven, when a poem I wrote was printed in a children's magazine. A long time went by before I wrote seriously. These days, I live in a gorgeous city, with my husband who is also my best friend. Things to note: my books are all romances, in that they are about people falling in love and living happily ever after. They also have quite a bit of erotic/adult content, so be ready for the spicy stuff" - Patricia...

Download Shallow Breaths by Christy Johnson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW)

Shallow Breaths by Christy Johnson (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW)

Romance | 18 | 12-08-2017, 12:07

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 553KB Overview: Before sacrificing his life for her, she sacrificed herself for him. "Death captivates my soul, cleaving me to shreds, hypnotizing my longing spirit. Sadly, I love it because it loves me and to Death, I will continue to return but only for my Nora." Genre: Fiction; Romance Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download One Little Bite (Bitten #3.5) by C.C. Wood (.ePUB)

One Little Bite (Bitten #3.5) by C.C. Wood (.ePUB)

Romance | 25 | 9-08-2017, 13:20

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 105 KB Overview: After a painful break-up with my cheating ex, I'm ready to flirt with someone who gives me tingles in all the right places. For the first time in months, I'm going to have some fun, no strings attached. Leave it to me to go from a hot fling to profound heartbreak in one night. This novella is only the beginning of Ricki and Calder's story. Genre: Paranormal Romance Download link 1 Download link 2...

Download Rebel Cause by Cassandra Giovanni (.ePUB)

Rebel Cause by Cassandra Giovanni (.ePUB)

Romance | 18 | 7-08-2017, 20:40

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 228 KB Overview: Reese White has spent her whole life trying so hard to be perfect, that when she looks in the mirror, she doesn't know the person staring back at her. Sure, she's always gotten high grades and excelled academically, but she's never put much time into herself. Now, as she heads off to college, Reese realizes she's remained so hidden inside a book that she's invisible to everyone, including herself. Kellin Lake has always seen Reese, his little sister's best...

Download A Little Bit of Us by A.E. Murphy (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

A Little Bit of Us by A.E. Murphy (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Romance | 17 | 7-08-2017, 18:46

Requirements: ePUB , MOBI reader, 439 KB Overview: I remember the time I was free, I didn't care to love, I only cared about myself. Now I'm stuck. Stuck with a man who destroyed my heart, stuck in a protective bubble that keeps me from reality. What happens when that bubble pops? What happens when reality hits me in the face? How will I cope with my new life, my new future? Will I ever forgive James? I want to... but what if I can't? So many questions... .read the concluding part of mine and James'...

Download Getting Jasper Off by A.J. Wynter (.ePUB)+

Getting Jasper Off by A.J. Wynter (.ePUB)+

Romance | 19 | 7-08-2017, 13:04

Requirements: ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 1.1 MB | Version: Retail Overview: He’s resigned himself to rotting in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Jasper loved the MC brotherhood, the thrill of their business deals, and the power that came with being a high-ranking member of the Brass Bonds. At least he used to love it, until it landed him in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. When he meets his new attorney, Lauren Holden, he senses there’s something more to this wide-eyed, inexperienced...

Download Billionaire's Virgin by Joey Bush (.ePUB)

Billionaire's Virgin by Joey Bush (.ePUB)

Romance | 57 | 7-08-2017, 11:32

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 990 KB Overview: My name is Levi Bassett, the son of a billionaire. I’m only interested in partying and hanging out with beautiful women. Plus sleeping with them. Despite what my father wants, I have no desire to have anything to do with the family business, unless it involves spending money and having a good time. It is the shock of a lifetime when he dies unexpectedly, leaving the business and most of his wealth in my hands. That’s when I see Isla, my stepsister...

Download Violet-Eyed Love by Samantha Watson (.ePUB)

Violet-Eyed Love by Samantha Watson (.ePUB)

Romance | 22 | 5-08-2017, 19:52

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.0 MB Overview: Jenny Fisk doesn’t want to say it out loud, but the death of her monstrous late husband was a divine act of mercy. Unexpectedly, she now has a second chance at life. Praying for guidance, she lets an advertisement for a mail order bride lead her to the other side of the country. There she meets Gavin Hennessey, a rugged, tall, strong pioneer that captures Jenny’s attention immediately. Gavin is equally enthralled with is raven-haired bride with the...